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Gino Meriano
Consultant on Human Rights, social media, equality, diversity and personal growth

Welcome to my site, allow me to share some of my experiences and help you maximise the power of your brand in an ever changing market.

I'm not simply about advertising, marketing or design; I'm all about people, communication and understanding.

I created SMA, my Social Marketing Automation approach to business and lifestyle, to simply share some of my insights, experiences, new and old concepts that are evolving the way we do business in this ever changing world of Social Media. It's my uptake on digital marketing, consumer led media and no control PR. "ThinkOut", is about looking at these concepts in a different approach, knowing that marketing is no longer black and white – it's the changing colours in-between that are having a larger impact

My strength is my passion. Helping people, charities and companies to embrace equality and diversity. How this can integrate itself in your organisation and how the new laws can and will affect the way you operate and get the most from your team members in the many years to come.

My job is to present all aspects of your communication as a coherent entity or brand to your entire audience. (And that includes staff and suppliers as well as customers.)

I do it using a mix of creativity, fact, truth, fun and good old-fashioned experience.

But don't just take my word for it feel free to browse my site and let me show you the kind of results my 25 years in the business have produced and since the late 90's what campaigning has achieved for real equality.

Take a look at some of the people and companies I have worked with over the years